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      Find answers to all your pre-sale questions about Analyzify. Get clarity on features, pricing, setup requirements, and more. Start here for a smooth Analyzify experience.
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      Start using Analyzify now! Discover our easy installation, onboarding steps, and implementation process. Transition smoothly with migration tips, and find solutions with troubleshooting help.
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      Start setting up Analyzify, make sure it works right, and update when needed. Customize to suit your needs, and manage your account settings.
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      Learn how to integrate Analyzify with GTM, GA4, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel, plus discover other integrations to improve your analytics.
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      Explore Analyzify's solutions to common issues and advanced use cases in one place. Handle discrepancies, secure accurate data, understand attribution, customize with data layers, and more.
    • Recent Articles

    • How to create a GA4 property?

      For more advanced reporting needs, you might need to create separate Analytics properties. So here's a quick tutorial to show you how to create a new property in Google Analytics 4. Step 1: Go to GA4 Admin Log in to your Analytics account, and click ...
    • Do you work on Online Store 2.0 themes?

      Our data layers work perfectly on the Online Store 2.0 themes. However, some Shopify stores are quite unique in terms of theme coding, apps, structure, and our data layer codes might not deliver the best job out of the box. Our support team is on ...
    • Why are the default source numbers so high?

      Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and Shopify Analytics utilize cookies differently, and these cookies have a shorter lifespan. In addition, the relevant data is modeled according to the attribution model. Therefore, the traffic source information differs. ...
    • Why choose Analyzify over Shopify's native reports/integrations?

      Analyzify tracks many events / actions that Shopify's native integrations do not, such as product list visits, product list, category clicks, etc. Analyzify also provides you with a well-designed data layer, which means you could extend your third ...
    • How to fix "No recent conversions" on Google Ads?

      Most Shopify merchants think there is an issue with their conversion tracking first, but this is not always the case. You might face this error even if your conversions are working properly. So follow along and detect and solve these issues together. ...
    • Popular Articles

    • What will happen to my historical data?

      If you're wondering what happens to all the valuable data you've accumulated over time when you switch to or start using Analyzify, rest assured, it's safe. No Need for New Accounts: When you integrate Analyzify, there's no requirement to set up new ...
    • Create Google Tag Manager Account for Shopify

      You need a Google Tag Manager account in order to use Analyzify to its fullest potential. We have created an easy-to-follow video tutorial for you in case you don't have a Google Tag Manager account yet. You can also learn more on Google Tag Manager ...
    • How to share access to Google Ads account?

      We are more than happy to double-check and/or help you set up your Google Ads conversions and remarketing pixels. To do that, we first need access to your Google Ads and Google Merchant Center accounts. Here is how you can share access to your Google ...
    • How to exclude referrals on GA4?

      Google Analytics 4 shows you the source of traffic and ideally purchases. Those reports don't always work as expected. In this Analyzify help center article; we will show you how you can fix UNWANTED REFERRALS on Google Analytics 4. Keep in mind that ...
    • Custom changes on Shopify themes

      We want every piece of data to be collected perfectly. We don't hesitate to go into your theme files and do customizations if/when needed. While Analyzify data layers work perfectly on 95% of the stores; we might sometimes need to customize them ...