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      Start using Analyzify now! Discover our easy installation, onboarding steps, and implementation process. Transition smoothly with migration tips, and find solutions with troubleshooting help.
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      Learn how to integrate Analyzify with GTM, GA4, Google Ads, and Facebook Pixel, plus discover other integrations to improve your analytics.
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      Explore Analyzify's solutions to common issues and advanced use cases in one place. Handle discrepancies, secure accurate data, understand attribution, customize with data layers, and more.
    • Recent Articles

    • How to implement Microsoft (Bing) Pixels on Shopify

      Analyzify offers a detailed guide to implement Microsoft (Bing) Ads Pixels on Shopify through Google Tag Manager (GTM). Key steps include: Install Universal Tag: Add the Microsoft UET tag to all pages via GTM. Find Bing Tag ID: Find and add your Bing ...
    • Does Analyzify offer solutions for other pixels?

      Analyzify integrates various marketing pixels with Shopify, such as: Facebook Pixel TikTok Pixel Pinterest Pixel Microsoft Bing Pixel Microsoft Clarity Pixel Klaviyo Pixel Twitter Pixel Snapchat Pixel Criteo Pixel Hotjar Pixel These integrations help ...
    • Which issues does Analyzify solve?

      Analyzify addresses a range of data tracking and analytics issues for Shopify stores. Key solutions include: Google Analytics 4: Analyzify improves Shopify/GA4 data accuracy, enhances e-commerce reporting, and ensures proper attribution of traffic ...
    • How to set up GA4 product view event with GTM?

      In Google Analytics 4, you need to keep track of the product view event. On our blog, you can find out how to do this with Google Tag Manager: Set up GA4 Product View Event with GTM on Shopify | Analyzify Docs
    • How to activate Twitter tags on GTM?

      Analyzify provides tracking tags for general use, such as page views, search, leads, and subscriptions, as well as tags specifically for e-commerce activities, such as add to cart, begin checkout, payment info, and purchase for Twitter Ads. Check ...