Custom changes on Shopify themes

Custom changes on Shopify themes

We want every piece of data to be collected perfectly. We don't hesitate to go into your theme files and do customizations if/when needed. 

While Analyzify data layers work perfectly on 95% of the stores; we might sometimes need to customize them according to the stores' unique setup. This mostly happens on AddToCart and RemoveFromCart events because most Shopify stores use a non-standard approach for these specific events. 

Most of the Analyzify data layers are injected into your theme through our app. Data layers standardized the needed information according to the page or event. If you want to learn more about how data layers work, you can check out this video created by our team. 

How is the process of the Shopify theme customizations? 

When our data team sees the fit, the case is assigned to our development team. Our development team

  • does the changes needed, 
  • keeps a detailed log file for each line of change. 

What kind of customizations do we perform? 

You can see some sample customization examples below. We have provides these examples to give you an idea of what kind of changes we will perform. There are hundreds of potential cases so please do not try doing this yourself - it might cause issues. 

What happens with theme updates?

At the moment, Analyzify app works independently from the themes. We are compatible with that App Embed feature of Shopify. You can learn more about theme changes here.






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