How to set up Analyzify on a new theme?

How to set up Analyzify on a new theme?

If you're planning to change your theme, you can reinstall Analyzify into your new theme within minutes.

Warning: Check Your Analyzify Version Before Proceeding! 

The steps detailed in this article depend on the version of Analyzify you are currently using. To find your specific version, navigate to the Source Code of your Shopify store and search for analyzify_version . This will help you determine which section of this guide is relevant to you.

Updating Theme with Analyzify for Version V3.2 and Above

If you are using Analyzify version V3.2 or above, the process of updating your theme is streamlined and simpler. Follow these two main steps to update your theme:

Step 1: Go to Your New Theme

Head to your Shopify Admin panel. Navigate to “Online Store” > “Themes.” Find and select your new theme. Click on the "Customize" button for your new theme.

Step 2: Enable Analyzify in the New Theme

Click 'App embeds' from the left side menu. Switch on the Analyzify toggle to enable it. Remember to save your changes.

Updating Theme with Analyzify for Versions Below V3.2

This section is specifically for users who are operating on versions of Analyzify lower than V3.2. You can follow these detailed steps to update your theme and the best part is that you can do this while your new theme is still NOT published.

Step 1: Remove Analyzify's Code File

Go to your Shopify store's "Online Store" and select your theme. Click on "Actions" and then "Edit Code." Search for the "analyzify-gtm-body.liquid" and delete the file.

Step 2: Remove the Analyzify's Checkout File (Only for Plus Stores)

Search for the "analyzify-gtm-checkout.liquid" and delete the file. (only available for Shopify Plus stores.)

Step 3: Remove the Snippet on your “theme.liquid”

Locate the "theme.liquid" file and search for the code snippet related to Analyzify. Delete it and save the changes.

Step 4: Remove the Snippet on your “checkout.liquid” (Only for Plus Stores)

Locate the "checkout.liquid" file and search for the code snippet related to Analyzify. Delete it and save the changes.

Step 5: Go to the Analyzify Dashboard

Go to the Analyzify dashboard where you can see the related settings. Click “Restart” and follow the steps.

 Although the process is similar, we have also separate tutorials for Lightweight and Advanced setup if you'd like to check:

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