Which issues does Analyzify solve?

Which issues does Analyzify solve?

Analyzify addresses a range of data tracking and analytics issues for Shopify stores. Key solutions include:

  • Google Analytics 4: Analyzify improves Shopify/GA4 data accuracy, enhances e-commerce reporting, and ensures proper attribution of traffic sources, along with a complete GA4 setup.

  • Google Ads: Ensures accurate conversion tracking and proper dynamic remarketing setup.

  • Google Tag Manager (GTM) & Data Layers: Analyzify provides comprehensive GTM setup, resolves data layer issues, and supports non-Shopify Plus users.

  • GDPR Compliance: Ensures stores meet GDPR requirements, including proper consent management and accurate analytics post-consent.

For detailed guidance, you can read our Problems Analyzify Solves article.

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    • Does Analyzify provide accurate data?

      Yes! Analyzify provides accurate data tracking, with our standard setup achieving around 90% accuracy rate. This level of accuracy is sufficient for most stores, offering reliable insights into your data. For those seeking to reach even closer to ...
    • Can Analyzify improve my Google Ads tracking/performance?

      Definitely yes! Analyzify's advanced data layers and Google Tag Manager setup increases the accuracy of your Google Ads tracking, and here's how: Different tracking methods can count your conversions differently due to technical issues like ...
    • Can Analyzify fix my Google Ads problems?

      Absolutely, we're here to help sort out any Google Ads issues you might be facing. With our interactive troubleshooting guides, you can identify and fix potential problems on your own. For a deeper dive into optimizing your Google Ads, we highly ...
    • Analyzify Support Policy

      When you choose Analyzify for your Shopify store, you’re not just getting an app; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing your store's data analytics capabilities. Our support policy is designed to provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring ...
    • I don't know anything about GTM. Can I still use Analyzify?

      Absolutely! You are not required to use Google Tag Manager (GTM); it's just one of several integration options we provide. You can connect to GA4, Google Ads, and other channels without GTM through our Lightweight integration method. If you choose to ...