What if our GDPR solution is not listed in your app?

What if our GDPR solution is not listed in your app?

If the consent management tool you're currently using isn't supported by our app, don't worry. We can still configure your chosen solution to integrate with our Google Tag Manager (GTM) container, provided certain conditions are met:
  • Google Consent Mode Compatibility: Your GDPR tool must support Google Consent Mode, allowing for the management of visitor consent in alignment with GDPR requirements.
  • Custom Data Layer Events: It must be capable of pushing custom events to the data layer, essential for tracking consent accurately.
  • Event Order Accuracy: The sequence of events is crucial. The consent status update event must occur after the Google Consent Mode update to ensure correct data handling.
If these requirements are met, custom GDPR integrations may be possible to ensure compatibility with Analyzify. In such cases, reaching out to our team for further assistance and exploring custom integration options is recommended.

To ensure GDPR compliance, your consent management tool should offer:
  • Explicit Consent Banner: A clear and informative banner that obtains consent from visitors for data collection.
  • Cookie Tracking Control: The functionality to block tracking cookies until consent is granted by the visitor.
  • Data Deletion Capability: An easy process for visitors to request the deletion of their personal data from your store.
  • Consent Modification: A straightforward method for visitors to change their consent choices at any time.
  • Privacy Information: A dedicated privacy page detailing your store's data collection, processing practices, and how visitors can control their data.

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