Shopify Server-Side Tracking

Shopify Server-Side Tracking

Analyzify Server-Side Tracking 

Analyzify's default version includes complex & advanced data layers, and a Google Tag Manager container that includes full integration with Google Analytics 4, FB Pixel, Google Ads Remarketing & Conversions, Pinterest Pixel, and many others.

This is the typical, client-side Google Tag Manager setup. Server-side is a way more sophisticated solution and we have developed an add-on for that as well.

Server-side setup

We do offer a complete Shopify server-side tagging setup that includes server-side GTM, Analytics, Google Ads, and FB Conversion API. We ask you to create a Google Cloud account and then do your complete server-side tagging on your account.

The setup will be done on your Google Cloud account, and we will help you create and attach it with your server-side tracking. It is part of our setup process.

It might seem like a high-ticket investment, however, it is just a one-time fee and it will boost your remarketing and general marketing performance. We believe it will have a great ROI.

What are the benefits?

Server-side tracking (aka. cookieless tracking) has countless benefits. Some of them are:

  • Better & more accurate data
  • 6-month Safari cookie lifetime (regular: 7 days)
  • Tracking users/visitors that use AdBlockers
  • FB Conversion API Event Match Rate 8.5+
  • Faster website

How will it work?

Just like Analyzify, our server-side tagging setup will be served under your properties. We will not collect or pass any data to our properties. All the data will flow into your Google Cloud and GTM accounts. Our team will be responsible for the setup and validation.What is the cost?

Analyzify Server-Side Tagging add-on costs $2790: a one-time fee for setup, service, and support. You will need a Google Cloud Account and it comes with a $300 free credit. Depending on your traffic, it might cost between $60 - $90 /per month.

What is included?

  • Google Cloud Server-Side Tagging Instance Setup
  • Google Tag Manager Server-Side Setup
  • Google Analytics 4, Google Ads Server-Side (Enhanced Conversions), Facebook Conversion API Setup
  • Data Validation / Custom Adjustments
  • 12-Months Support
  • 2-Hours 1-on-1 Data & Server-Side Tagging Training
Contact our support if you are interested. You can also book a demo call with our data specialists.

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