What will happen to my historical data?

What will happen to my historical data?

If you're wondering what happens to all the valuable data you've accumulated over time when you switch to or start using Analyzify, rest assured, it's safe.

  • No Need for New Accounts: When you integrate Analyzify, there's no requirement to set up new Google Analytics 4, Google Ads, or Google Tag Manager accounts.
  • Seamless Integration: Analyzify works with your existing properties. The change comes in how data is sent to these accounts, ensuring your historical data remains unaffected.
  • Improved Data Flow: Our tool optimizes the flow of data into your accounts, enhancing accuracy and insights without disrupting your historical data.

Check out our documentation here for a detailed look at our process.

With Analyzify, your historical data isn't just preserved; it's enhanced. Our integration process is designed to improve your data tracking and analysis without the need for starting over.

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