How to implement Microsoft (Bing) Pixels on Shopify

How to implement Microsoft (Bing) Pixels on Shopify

Analyzify offers a detailed guide to implement Microsoft (Bing) Ads Pixels on Shopify through Google Tag Manager (GTM). Key steps include:

  1. Install Universal Tag: Add the Microsoft UET tag to all pages via GTM.

  2. Find Bing Tag ID: Find and add your Bing Tag ID in GTM.

  3. Set Conversion Goals: Define goals in Microsoft Ads, such as purchase or add-to-cart events.

  4. Activate Tags & Publish: Enable and publish your GTM container.

  5. Verify with UET Tag Helper: Use this tool to check your integration.

For detailed instructions, read our article on Microsoft Bing Pixels on Shopify.

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