Do you work on Online Store 2.0 themes?

Do you work on Online Store 2.0 themes?

Our data layers work perfectly on the Online Store 2.0 themes.

However, some Shopify stores are quite unique in terms of theme coding, apps, structure, and our data layer codes might not deliver the best job out of the box.

Our support team is on hand to customize our data layers or your theme files as necessary, especially for specific events like "AddToCart.”

We use the Advanced setup method for Online Store 2.0, using our latest v3.3 version, as it's not compatible with Online 1.0 themes. For stores currently on older versions, you can stick with it until you're ready to switch to your new theme.

We're also working on ways to support stores that haven't upgraded to Online Store 2.0, using various methods.

Rarely, it is not possible to make it fully functional for technical reasons - especially if you are using many external apps. In those cases, we can get your developers’ help.

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