Analyzify Support Policy

Analyzify Support Policy

When you choose Analyzify for your Shopify store, you’re not just getting an app; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to enhancing your store's data analytics capabilities. Our support policy is designed to provide comprehensive assistance, ensuring your journey with Analyzify is as smooth and beneficial as possible.

Overview of Analyzify Support

  • Three Months of Direct Support: From the moment you purchase Analyzify, you unlock a three-month window of direct support. This period is dedicated to addressing any challenges you might face and ensuring your setup is optimal. Should you need more time, we offer the option to extend this support for an additional fee.
  • Lifetime App Updates: With Analyzify, you invest once but continue to reap the benefits indefinitely. We provide lifetime updates to our app, ensuring your data analytics setup remains cutting-edge without any extra cost.
  • Expert Assistance: Our team is qualified to respond to questions about Analyzify's primary features, from Shopify data layer setup to Google Tag Manager (GTM) configuration and beyond. We’re here to ensure your setup is not just functional but also optimized for your specific needs.

Scope of Our Product

Analyzify is not just a tool but a solution crafted to make the complex world of data collection straightforward and manageable. It is tailored for Shopify stores, enabling seamless integration with Google Tag Manager, which in turn connects your store with Google Analytics 4 and many other data analysis tools.
Key features include:
  • Data Layers: These are designed to capture every conceivable e-commerce event and metric, laying the foundation for insightful analytics.
  • Google Tag Manager Setup: Properly installed on Shopify, connecting seamlessly with data layers to ensure accurate data capture and analysis.
  • Comprehensive Integrations: With 10+ integrations available within our pre-built GTM container, your store can connect with a wide range of analytics and marketing tools.
  • Data Troubleshooting: Our team actively visits your store in real-time to verify the main metrics and data flow, ensuring everything from GA4 events to Facebook Pixel is tracking correctly.
  • Educational Tutorials: Beyond setup, we empower you with knowledge through tutorials that guide you on applying best practices across third-party platforms.

In-Depth Support Coverage

  • Onboarding and Setup: Our team provides hands-on guidance throughout the onboarding process, including a pre-setup audit and cleanup, the "Done-For-You" setup for those who prefer a hands-off approach, and support for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Continuous Optimization: Post-setup, we conduct an audit and validation to ensure data accuracy. We also assist with theme changes, re-setup, and ensuring GDPR compliance.
  • Server-Side Tracking: For those who opt for additional features, we offer onboarding and setup assistance for server-side tracking, enhancing data privacy and accuracy.

Guidance Beyond Direct Support: While our primary focus is on ensuring your Analyzify setup is flawless, we understand the ecosystem you operate in involves more tools and platforms. Therefore, we extend our support to guide you through activating or pausing tags on GTM, configuring Google Analytics settings, and optimizing Google Ads conversions, among other areas.

Limitations of Our Support

  • Third-Party Apps & Services: Our support does not extend to issues related to third-party apps, their code, settings, or configurations.
  • Custom Code and Reporting: Analyzify’s expertise lies in data collection setup. Thus, creating custom codes, theme adjustments, or detailed reporting falls outside our purview.
  • Google Ads and Page Speed: While we ensure the health of tags for Google Ads conversion tracking, performance analysis, and optimization of Google Ads settings are not covered. Similarly, any impact on page speed by external factors is beyond our control.

Modifications and Customizations

Should you choose to modify Analyzify’s GTM containers or data layers, please note that such alterations move the setup outside our guaranteed support scope. However, we are open to discussing re-setup options with our standard configurations.


Our support team is dedicated to providing you with the assistance and guidance you need to make the most out of Analyzify. Whether it’s setting up your store for success from day one, navigating the complexities of digital analytics, or ensuring compliance with the latest data privacy regulations, we’re here to help. For any issues outside our direct support, we strive to offer resources and tutorials to guide you through.

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